Wednesday, May 14, 2008

just a word

Don't trust AnyOne !!


Aya Sami said...

لااااااا يا توتي مش تقولي كده دايما مهما خصل في ناس تثقي فيهم مهما كانوا الناس اللي خانوا ثقتك و بعديا انتي يا هانم من عاجبينك و لا ايه ، الشل الفاقده دي مش عاجباكي يا هانم بنات زي الوررررد قمر قمر قمر :d

د/ أحمد عامر said...

there is a one u should trust with
it`s your self
you should trust yourself well
and if you want to join any one else to your trust zonw take care as he can hit you from your back an it will hurt much and more than any one else can do
my greetings

Eng.Ebtehal said...

thank u Dr.Ahmed for ur commentand your advice
And thank u my love AYA , u know that I trust u all my lovely sisters